We are all in this together... Covid-19


Non-essential business closures as mandated by Governor Tony Evers and the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services under Emergency order 

Wisconsin "Safer at Home #12" official Mandate 

Baby's Debut will close effective immediately as a Non-Essential business pursuant to the above Emergency Order until April 24, 2020!

(Unless official dates are changed by Governor Tony Evers)

We wish for all of our clients to remain healthy and for our lives to return to normal.  This will happen, but we must abide by the recommendations of our government and their guidance by the many health care professionals working to save lives and eradicate this potentially deadly virus.

This mandate is completely out of our control, but in the best interest of the health of everyone. Our staff are all licensed dedicated healthcare professionals with jobs additionally in your local hospital and clinics. So it is imperative that their primary focus is on providing quality medical care in these facilities during this time of closure. In light of this revelation...we kindly request that you refrain from emailing or calling us regarding information on our services, scheduling appointments, or even when we might be able to reopen again. Most information regarding our services can be found throughout the website, and out of prudence we will not be scheduling or rescheduling any future appointments during the time of this government mandated closure.  With so much unknown and changing daily regarding the disease and what the government may or may not do...to continue scheduling appointments would be irresponsible and difficult. So as we all weather this crisis together, we ask for your patience and understanding in the knowledge that our staff will not be responding to such inquires.  If you are someone with a scheduled appointment during this time (or any potentially extended time-period), our staff will reach out to notify you personally of the cancellation. However, we kindly ask for you to contact us once we are allowed to open should you want to reschedule. This small request will help us tremendously in reducing many potentially unnecessary phone calls during a time when we hope to be very busy again. 

If there are changes in the current mandated closure dates (whether they are moved up or extended), we will update you here or on our voicemail message.  We also ask of you during this time to consider (when possible) making the extra effort to patronize the many small businesses who are still allowed to remain open, but are struggling financially due to this pandemic at no fault of their own. Your support now may make the difference between their ability to stay in business or not. Small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy, and as we are all fighting financially to remain standing through this challenging time...remember we will need them more than ever when this comes to an end. And it will come to an end.

Baby's Debut sincerely thank's you for your understanding, loyalty, and patronage. Most importantly we wish for you, your loved ones, and the many around you to remain healthy, and look forward to providing you with our elective ultrasound services when it is safe to do so again!