PLATINUM Keepsake Session


"PLATINUM" Keepsake Session

**Important information regarding Baby's Debut Session/Packages

Baby's Debut believes that our elective 3D/4D Ultrasound sessions are beneficial in the bonding process, and also an amazing opportunity to share the growing life with friends and family. We are a professionally owned and operated studio, and believe that an elective ultrasound should never replace your regular prenatal medical care. Our services have been priced to be affordable for most all budgets. In our non-clinical and relaxing comfortable atmosphere we are able to offer you and your family an emotionally touching experience that just cannot be duplicated during your regular medical sonogram.


Baby Debut "PLATINUM"3D/4D Keepsake Package ~ $239.95

This Package is an AWESOME way to chronicle your Pregancy with
"TWO" of our "GOLD" package visits!

Our "PLATINUM" Keepsake Package includes two of our gold package sessions to use as you desire. This is a very popular package for those who would like to come in early to find out the gender of your baby, and then again later to see who he/she will look like as baby gets fatter and it's personality starts to come to life. That being said, you may be use either of your sessions anytime you wish during the same pregnancy! This amazing special deal essentially reduces the price of your 2nd "Gold" Keepsake session to only $50.00. This is a much better better price than our standard 20% discount for return visits!

All of our sessions include your paperwork, scanning, and post picture enhancement time. We understand your excitement... but please do not arrive early, as this policy ensures and respects the intimacy and privacy of your session, and also of those scheduled before you! We guarantee a minimum of 30 minutes scanning with each of your visits. You will enjoy seeing your baby in 2D/3D/4D ultrasound using the latest in current sonographic technology. We will record each of your entire sessions on a DVD set to lullaby music, so you can relive your experience again and again. This package also includes 8 custom edited and enhanced 3D colored prints for each visit. Using our specialized software (exclusive to Baby's Debut) and our experienced sonographers, we can turn your everyday ultrasound snapshots into a more portrait-like quality photo! Also included in each of your sessions is a personalized webpage with a private code for you to share with family and friends. We will send a direct link to you computer and smart phone. Grandmas love these digital brag books! Our keepsake packages always include a complete return visit if for any reason your little one does not cooperate for his/her big debut! For our platinum package this would include one free return for each of your visits! Gender determination offered upon request. At Baby's Debut we you offer great peace of mind, with our ARDMS OB/GYN certified and experienced sonographer's, who are 100% accurate at 16 weeks and over. Come join us for a most amazing

                                              "Bonding Experience in the Miracle of Life..."


**~Must be 16+ weeks and currently under prenatal care by physician or midwife~ 

**At the time of your session we will require proof of current prenatal care. This can be documented with our Provider Acknowledgement Form, which is available for download and print in a PDF format on our "Contact Us" page. We will also accept alternate proof of prenatal care, with a photo ID. This includes any original medical document that includes your name, a date current to your pregnancy, either your providers name or the facility they practice at, and some reference to the prenatal care you are receiving from that person or place. We cannot scan without this documentation, so do not forget to bring it, and/or if you have any questions be sure to contact us prior to the day of your scheduled appointment (keep in mind our studios are not open every day).

~ First Session must be at least 16+ Weeks ~
~Second Session Recommended Best after 30+ Weeks~
Additional return visits are only $50.00 with our Platinum Package sessions for current pregnancy!
Return 10% Discount on this package due to it's already special pricing.